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We work 7 Days A week Even During Public Holidays We specialize in tree cutting and felling and approach each job in a professional and safe manner. Each felling job presents its own unique set of challenges. Tree felling is a high risk field and the safety of our client and that of our staff is a top priority.

Premium workmanship at its best

Our services are available to residential and corporate clients and municipalities. No matter how big or small the job we only give 100%. Our staff are fully trained and expert in handling every situation. All activities fully insured for every risk.

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Tree felling is both an art and a skill. It takes a lot of expertise and experience to safely cut down trees. Our tree fellers are highly trained individuals who know all about the angles and laws of physics to make their tree felling safe. They know how to risk asses and they make sure they’re wearing all of the correct protective equipment.